Junk Removal Services in Griffin, GA

Do-it-yourself junk removal can be a painstaking process. Are you looking for a better alternative? If so, try contacting Funky’s Junk Removal, the best junk removal business serving Griffin, GA.

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Griffin, GA is a humble town of about 24,000 residents. However, even modest towns can still host big junk removal projects. For example, we have encountered clients who need their basements cleaned out, their offices tidied up, and more! If you are yet another person who needs to get rid of junk, contact us, a local junk removal business. Funky’s Junk Removal has the junk removal services in Griffin that you require!


Do-it-yourself junk removal involves a lot of heavy lifting, trips back and forth, and physical exhaustion. Additionally, it also forces you to fork over your free time. If you’d rather do anything but junk removal, then get in touch with Funky’s Junk Removal instead! From Vineyard Park to the downtown area, we are ready to remove your junk, whether it’s residential or commercial, big or small! You can always count on Funky’s Junk Removal to leave you satisfied for a fair and affordable price!

Our full-service crew will be there on time with an empty junk removal truck that’s ready to be filled up with your stuff. Of course, our crew will be prepared for the work ahead, too. We’ll be well-dressed, well-mannered, and eager to get our hands on whatever junk you have for us. We promise to work hard without delays till the job has reached completion!


  1. Be sure to keep your phone’s ringer on. That’s because we’re going to call you when we are on our way to your destination.
  2. Upon our arrival, we will say hello, then ask to see all the junk you want to get rid of. Next, accept our upfront quote!
  3. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so feel free to read a book, watch some television, or play catch with the kids while we work.
  4. Finally, we will leave so we can dispose of your junk. Now you’re left with newly opened free space to use however you like!

Demolition and Junk Removal Services in Griffin, GA

When you have any kind of junk, it’s a sure bet that Funky’s Junk Removal will take it off your hands. However, what if you are trying to tear down an unwanted structure? Is it possible that we can do this work for you as well? As it turns out, yes! Our light demolition services are a great option for those who wish to get rid of a shed, fence, hot tub, or other structure yet lack the knowledge and experience to tear it down themselves. Leave it to us, a fully insured team. It’s safer this way because we’ve done this sort of work time and time again! Not only will we tear down the unwanted structure, but we will also clean up the debris when we’re done. That way, you won’t even be able to tell there was a structure there to start with.

About Funky’s Junk Removal

Funky’s Junk Removal has served the Greater Atlanta Area since 2019, and we’re all about PEACE, LOVE, and JUNK! For example, we love keeping the peace in our nearby service areas by cleaning up whatever junk we have. Additionally, we also do our best to make sure we only throw out what’s truly trash. Recyclables are taken to a recycling facility, and items in good condition will be donated to thrift stores like Habitat ReStore. It’s the eco-friendly thing to do, which is why we’re proud to do it! Schedule our junk removal services in Griffin, GA, and you can be eco-friendly, too!


  • review rating

    My Funky’s crew arrived ahead of schedule and cleaned up my consortium debris in a quick and professional manner. Highly recommend their service to anyone needing items hauled away!

    Lauren Williamson
  • review rating

    Used this company based on their Google reviews and they have another happy customer. Came out the day after I called and were on time, professional and really nice people. Will definitely use Funky’s Junk Removal again.

    Suzanne Purcell
  • review rating

    Jemartin and Judge were excellent!! They were friendly and professional, efficient and very very very good at their work!! Would recommend them highly and would definitely use their services any time I needed them!!

    Gloria Koch
  • review rating

    Prompt, professional pickup crew. I got rid of an old lawn mower and some construction trash. James and Jemartin made short work of my junk pile. I’m definitely a Funky’s Junk fan.

    Justin Gilman
  • review rating

    AMAZING 🤩!! They were on time. Called in advance. Gave me a reasonable quote. Asked me if I was ok with the job and even took a few extra things for me. 10/10 definitely recommend!

    Jazzy Bags Tera D.
  • review rating

    This is a great company they made me feel like family they go above and beyond the junk if you have junk funky or not they are the one to call their team is great don’t mind getting funky thank you guys a lot😊💟

    G At
  • review rating

    These guys are the real deal! Jemartin and Donnie were both some of the most friendly, professional, & courteous people you would ever want to meet! Not to mention that they called beforehand, and were actually at my place at exactly 9 o’clock am (There was a 9 to 11 window). It took them both no time to load 5 washer/dryers plus a credenza, and they also took a small pile of weight plates for no extra fee! I found them in the Newnan circular, called on Friday and had them out the very next day. Would 100% recommend to anyone needing things hauled off professionally. P. S. Please, please folks, quit throwing your junk in the woods, roads, creeks, etc.. Call Funky’s and do it correctly. And you can’t beat the price, I’m telling you.

    Ryan “Shoestring” Smalley
  • review rating

    Very professional. Careful not to scratch floors and walls. Friendly and helpful attitude . Would recommend this company to anyone. Also the rates were very reasonable as compared to other companies I contacted. Thank you.

    Kaye Harris
  • review rating

    First… i chose funkys junk because they are locally owned and want to support local small business. The junk removers, Jemartin and Donnie, were very courteous and professional. I would use this company and those gentlemen again. Thank you!

    Joanne Jenness
  • review rating

    What great service. Called to notify they were on the way. The personnel were friendly and efficient. And they cleaned the area before they left. Great price for great service. Would definitely call them back for our new job.

    Chris Aquilino

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