5 Tips For Safely Handling Large Office Cleanout Jobs

Make Large Office Cleanouts Easier!

Cleaning out a large office in Metro Atlanta is a mighty big job! It’s so big, in fact, you might not even be sure where to start. You might even be dreading the big day of the office clean out. We don’t think you shouldn’t beat yourself up with endless worries, though. There are many ways you can smooth out the office clean out process. At Funky’s Junk Removal, we use many of the tips below to guide our own process for large office cleanouts. Let’s dig into these tips and start learning together!

1) Make a Battle Plan

Most authors think about how their book is going to go before they even start writing. Otherwise, the book is going to be a mess, with characters that aren’t doing anything and plotlines that don’t make sense. Similarly, to make the most sense out of large office cleanouts, plan them ahead of time.

Imagine yourself in the office faced with all the office clutter. What needs to be removed first? Will there be room to maneuver old furniture to the door if you don’t remove the cubicles first? Do you have a vehicle you can load the junk into? Planning ahead will make the process easier because you’ll have a “rough draft” of how things are going to go already plotted out in your head.

2) Study Up on Cubicle Removal

Speaking of cubicles… cubicle removal is a big subtask of the office junk removal process. Because of this, you’d be wise to learn how to do it. Figure out what brand or model of cubicles are in the office, then look up a disassembly guide online. Some cubicles only require a little force from a rubber mallet to take them apart. Others may demand you use a screwdriver, wrench, or even a pry bar. By learning how to remove cubicles, you’ll bring the correct tools and the correct mindset.

Cubicles in need of removal during office cleanout services

3) Know Your Local Disposal Sites

You’ll need to take that office junk somewhere once you’ve loaded it into a vehicle. Fortunately, Metro Atlanta has no shortage of disposal sites for you to take advantage of. We went ahead and found a few options for you to consider. These options even include opportunities for eco-friendly disposal.

4) Schedule Smart

Large office cleanouts take time, so make sure you have time. After all, if you have to bring the junk removal process to a grinding halt because you forgot about an early afternoon appointment, it’s only going to drag out the job. How much time should you set aside for office cleanout anyway? That depends on how much junk you have. For your typical large office, and if you’re cleaning it out alone, expect to take all day, if not all weekend, to finish the work. Of course, the time needed goes down when you have helpers.

Old office in need of cleanout services with Funky's Junk Removal

5) Hire a Professional Team

The easiest way to find more helpers and reduce the time needed for an office clean out is by contacting a professional junk removal business. At Funky’s Junk Removal, we’re dedicated to removing the stress of hard work and planning from your worries. By hiring us, you won’t have to haul any office junk. We’ll handle it ourselves! We know how to remove all kinds of office junk, including cubicles, and we’re very familiar with our local disposal sites. If you opt for our services, all we will ask in return is a fair amount of money based on how much office junk we haul away.

Whether you do the work yourself or hire a company, we hope your office clean out gets done the way you like it!