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Paint Removal in

Metro Atlanta

Ever wind up with buckets of paint that you can’t throw away with the regular trash? Don’t want to wait for the next community event where they collect paint? It feels like they’re only once a year. Good news—at Funky’s Junk, we perform paint removal all year long. We’ll help you out!

How We Can Help

Getting rid of materials like paint can sometimes be difficult, but at Funky’s Junk, we’re prepared to take it off your hands.

Fast, Efficient Work

When you have stacks of paint cans in your home, you can count on us to get it done quickly. Our team is experienced in hauling all sorts of junk, and paint is no different. We’ll haul all the cans into our truck and dispose of them responsibly!

Schedule Paint Removal

You want to get rid of that unwanted paint, and we offer appointments as soon as today or tomorrow. Sounds like the next course of action is pretty obvious, don’t you think? That’s right—you need to call us ASAP to get your appointment on the books. Or, schedule online instead if you don’t care for phone calls. Either works.

2-Hour Arrival Windows

Together, we’ll choose an appointment window that best works for you. We stress the importance of showing up on time, which is why we’ll provide you with a 2-hour arrival window during the call. We think being punctual is totally funky!

Quick, Easy, and Cheap

Efficient paint removal at a fair price? Yes, it’s more likely than you’d think! We’d be more than happy to roll our truck over and pick up your unwanted paint cans at an affordable cost. That way, you’ll know for sure who has the best services in town—for a bargain, too!

Keeping It Real

Other businesses like bait-and-switch tactics and other cheap shots. Not with us! Our upfront quotes always tell you the final price of a job well ahead of time. And, if we ever somehow overquote you, we’re happy to return the difference. Call us for a no-obligations estimate!


Based in Atlanta, we think there’s much left to be desired from national chain businesses. They’re so sterile and lifeless. It’s like trying to conduct business with a bottle of store brand shampoo. That’s why we’re all about being friendly, genuine, and hardworking with our clients. It’s what you deserve, after all.

Our team knows how to put the work in. Junk big and small trembles at the sight of the Funky’s Junk team because junk knows that we can teach it a lesson. So stop letting that junk boss you around and let us handle the dirty work. We’ve got this!

Service Areas

Funky’s Junk Removal is based in Atlanta, and we serve offices in locations throughout the Metro area. Contact us for a free estimated quote on your junk removal services!

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