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Need Peachtree junk removal? Then get in touch with Funky’s Junk Removal for services that are as sweet as… well, a peach!

  • Locally owned. We’re no franchise. We’re the local team that you can trust!
  • Affordable. Our quotes leave your wallet healthy. Get a deal with us!
  • Easygoing. Here’s what matters to us: PEACE, LOVE, and JUNK!
  • Hardworking. We’re chill, but we don’t slack. We’ll get your job done right!
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Funky’s Peachtree Junk Removal

Our haul away service is your go-to answer when you need a cool, level-headed team that knows how to handle junk hauling the fast and easy way. We’ve got the hands you need to carry away unwanted junk items, even heavy ones like appliances. So kick back and enjoy the show as we fill our truck up with all that clutter. We’ll be done before you know it!

How It Works

  • We give you a courtesy call before we arrive. Take a moment to say hello.
  • Next, we check out the junk and give you our upfront quote. It’s straightforward and simple.
  • Approve our quote, and we’ll get right to work. We do the work fast and don’t waste time.
  • Once everything’s in the truck, we’ll sweep up behind us. Then, we take your payment and we’re done!

Peachtree Junk Removal Pricing

All our service areas get to cash in on those sweet, sweet local savings, and that includes your very own Peachtree City. You see, franchise junk removal businesses have to send a huge chunk of their earnings to some CEO somewhere, but that’s not how Funky’s does business. In other words, we don’t cost as much to operate, meaning we save you precious money.

Save a Buck with Funky’s

  • We quote you upfront for no-nonsense pricing. Know what you’re paying right out of the gate.
  • You can count on us to leave hidden fees out of the equation. We’ll keep things fair!
  • We charge according to the volume of junk hauled. It’s easy to wrap your head around.
  • We save your money in other ways too, such as reducing trips to the dump with our extra-large trucks!

Get in Touch, Get an Appointment!

Have you been dealing with that junk for far too long? Whether it’s a broken sofa, a malfunctioning refrigerator, or just a pile of boxes that are sitting around your attic, Funky’s Junk Removal wants to help. We’re itching for our next outing, and it could very well be for your Peachtree junk removal appointment!

  • To talk to one of our pros, call now for immediate service! Our crew is ready to talk to you all throughout the working day.
  • We’ll be glad to give you an over-the-phone estimate. Just tell us details about what you need hauled.
  • You can then choose an appointment day. Check out our same-day and next-day options for urgent needs.
  • Once you’ve picked your appointment day, we’ll give you a 2-hour arrival window you can expect us within.


Peachtree City

Funky’s Junk Removal is the locally owned and operated solution for all of your junk removal problems!

Don’t strain yourself with heavy junk removal tasks; let our pros handle it. We’re more than capable and have plenty of experience in hauling.

Our funky team knows how to jive with junk. Even challenging jobs with lots of heavy items get finished with our crew.

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