7 Ways to Prepare Your Office Property for Summer

Prepare Your Office for Summer: Office Cleanup and More

Summer is approaching, and there are always preparations that need to be made when advancing into the next season. Yes, this is true even for office spaces. However, if you’re scratching your head, you might not be aware that there are a lot of ways to can plan ahead for the summer. What should be done around the office? What office cleanup tasks should be tackled? And what other maintenance can be done to ensure that summer passes as smoothly as possible?

Funky’s Junk Removal is here to teach you more. When clients all throughout Metro Atlanta need someone to help them clean up the office, they usually turn to us. As such, we have lots of knowledge to share with you about summer preparations at the office. Let’s get started together with our first tip!

1) Perform Air Conditioning Maintenance

During summer, it gets considerably warmer outside. This is the last time you want your air conditioners to break down and fail. If all your office workers are trying to finish their tasks in a sweltering environment, you better believe productivity is going to tank. Make sure an air conditioning failure doesn’t happen in the first place. By checking in on your air conditioning units, you can make sure there is plenty of refrigerant, no frozen coils, and no busted pipes, either.

2) Check for Roof Damages

Air conditioners aren’t the only things protecting an office from the elements outside. There is also the roof! A sturdy, well-built roof can protect a property for years, but sometimes, damages just happen. That’s why it’s good to take a peek at the roof every now and then. Ensure that everything is looking good. Any holes might lead to leaks or further damages the next time a storm rolls around. And as we all know, there can be all sorts of storms during the summer.

3) Consider Lighting Timers

With summer approaching, the days are only beginning to increase in length. What this means is more sunlight, and in turn, less time that you have to keep the office lights on. Why not take advantage of this sunlight and cut back on the power bill? If you use a timer system to control when your office lights are on, adjust them to match the new daylight hours. And if you don’t use a timer system, well, now might be the time to consider getting started. You’ll save money in the process.

4) Exterior Office Cleanup

Summer storms and sunshine can result in a lot of plant growth. So much, in fact, that it might be time to check outside your office property for any unwanted brush. It’s good to do some yard debris removal every now and then because it keeps your property looking great. Every business wants curb appeal, after all. If you don’t have time to clean up the landscape, though, why not let the crew at Funky’s Junk Removal do it for you? One of our summer cleaning services is our yard waste cleanup. We can even team up! Let us focus on the debris outside, and you can worry about office cleanup tasks inside.

5) Rearrange If Needed

Your office might not be arranged in a way that takes advantage of the summer sunshine. Why not consider making a change? Sunshine can really help beat the blues and increase productivity in the office. You might want to think about moving the desks closer to the windows so your employees can take advantage of the natural warmth. Of course, if you don’t have blinds installed, make sure to do that as well. Sometimes, a direct ray of sunshine is more of a nuisance than a comfort.

6) Interior Office Cleanup

While handling office cleanup tasks inside, you might realize that you’re completely swamped with unwanted things. Broken fax machines, retired computers, old supplies, and busted desks might only be the beginning of these junk items. However, you won’t have to find a way to dispose of them on your own thanks to Funky’s Junk Removal. Considering contacting us and scheduling office junk removal. We’d be happy to haul away that office junk for you. We can even provide you with a full office clean out. Learn more about our office clean outs here.

7) Check In With Your Staff

Let’s say you have finished your cleanup tasks. You may have even completed a whole summer clean out. Now that you don’t have to clean up your workspace, why not take some time to check in with your employees? After all, while it may be your office, this is their office, too. Ask them for their feedback. How is the office suiting you? What would you like changed? Does anything else need to be cleaned up? Are any of these changes negative rather than positive? The best office manager will take care of their staff. So don’t be anything less than the best!