How to Determine The Cost of Office Cleanouts

So, you’re looking to clean out an office for renovations or for your next tenant, but where do you start? With all the desks, chairs, and cubicles to remove, the last thing you want to do is stress about how to get everything out of there. You also know that hiring a team comes with a hefty price tag, but how much will it actually cost? Surprisingly, determining the cost of office cleanouts is easier than you’d think. Although every company is different, here at Funky’s Junk Removal, we have a process for all the services we offer. We can take some of the work off of your back and explain how we price our office cleanout services!

Consider the Items You’re Getting Rid Of

Most times in an office, you’re going to have file cabinets, work desks, conference tables, chairs, and more. Items like these are somewhat hard to get rid of. Because they’re large bulky items, you can be fined for putting them out on the street. The DPW here in Atlanta takes that seriously, for sure! But, when you hire a team to remove all of this furniture for you, it makes the most sense to deconstruct what we can and optimize our truck space, especially if we have to truck it down flights of stairs or the elevator. Depending on the types of desks you have, it could take up to an hour to take each desk apart, so we’ll charge per desk for larger desk systems and conference tables, and cubicles. As you can tell, some of these items require a bit more brain power as they may be connected to wiring and cable systems. All in all, we can take a look at the scale of the job and let you know what the cost will be upfront.

How We Dispose of Your Office Furniture

Now, cheap office furniture removal would entail calling on some random disposal group that’ll take your junk to a landfill and dump it for pennies. But that’s not responsible! We’re trying to leave a green footprint here in Georgia and give back to families or companies in need when we can. If you wanted to try your own office cleanout, it can be costly to try and recycle your office furniture. Some facilities will charge you to drop off your furniture, or you can take everything to a donation facility, but you’ll probably have to pay for transportation to get it there.

Instead, when you call Funky’s Junk Removal, we’re all about the proper disposal of waste and taking care of our neighbors. We don’t take junk to a landfill. We sort and organize everything we pick up, and good, reusable items are donated to some of the many charities we partner with. We’ll even recycle items that are too rough to be donated, now that’s green junk removal! When you call us for a free quote, you’ll see that disposal is not an added charge. It is our job as your trusted office cleanout company to ensure that we practice green junk removal solutions when we handle large office cleanout jobs.

The Cost of Office Cleanouts with Funky’s Junk Removal

It’s that simple! Determining the cost of cleanout services is easy with us! We charge by the workload and the amount of junk we haul away. We’ll even sort out the amount once we’ve got an idea of how much work the job will be, just give us a call for a free estimate. You never know, you could be on your way to a clean office space today or tomorrow! That’s how fast we work.

When you get an office cleanout done by us you get first-rate service! Timely appointments, affordable pricing, and same-day or next-day service. Most importantly, proper junk removal and disposal with every service you book with us! What’s more, our team has the proper licenses and permits to handle large office cleanouts. You get the whole package of cleanouts and responsible disposal when you choose professionals. Whether you decide to go with another company, just be sure that they also have green disposal solutions and affordable pricing without hidden fees!

With Funky’s Junk Removal, you’ll get a full-service cleanout. We’ll show up on time, collect all your junk, and before we head out, sweep up and leave you a clean space. You’ll have a new smooth office, to put to use! Fill it with new groovy furniture and cool appliances to keep your employees happy and working hard! You can also book any of our other cleanout services if you’re blown away by that!