The Best Ways to Dispose of Old Office Electronics

How to Handle Office Electronics Disposal

In the modern world, electronics are the lifeline of any office. Printers are needed to print papers. Phones are needed to make calls. And who can forget the flexibility of today’s office computer? With a computer, you can fill out spreadsheets, send emails, access databases, and so much more. However, as with all things, you have to take the good with the bad. In this reality of constantly updating technology, one of the frustrating things you’ll have to deal with is outmoded electronics. Like it or not, electronics break. And when this happens, you’ll have to deal with office electronics disposal.

Funky’s Junk Removal knows that when electronics go kaput, it can be annoying. However, you don’t have to be clueless when you wind up in this situation. We know a thing or two about electronic waste management in the Greater Atlanta Area, so use the advice below to make your e-waste situation as stress-free as possible.

Clear All Important Data

Before we get into the process of getting rid of office electronics, it’s crucial that you blank the data first. Think about all the sensitive information that you can find on your typical office computer. Company records, both financial and not, shouldn’t wind up in the wrong hands. So please, be sure to reset your computers and erase their hard drives. That way, no one who happens to nab your old computers doesn’t find anything worthwhile on them.

For those who are particularly paranoid about people trying to steal computer data, look into programs such as “Darik’s Boot and Nuke”. What these programs do is simple. They write a random value on top of every bit of the disc, ensuring that whatever sensitive information that used to be there is as good as gone forever.

Donate Functional Equipment

Are your computers free of sensitive data? Good. Now you can get into the part where you get rid of them. The good news is that you can dispose of your office electronics without even disposing of them. That’s because there are many people nearby who will be willing to take them off your hands. Try making some Facebook Marketplace listings where you advertise the electronics for a low price. Or try donating the electronics to a local thrift store, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. As long as the electronics are in working condition, chances are, somebody will be willing to take them!

Try a Recycling Facility

If your electronics are not in working condition, then nobody is going to want to use them. So what does this mean for you? It means you’ll have to find a final resting place for your electronics, such as a landfill—right? Not quite. As it turns out, reincarnation is real, or at the very least, it is for electronics. That’s because there are recycling facilities that will take your office electronics, break them down, and turn them into something new. Your e-waste will be born anew thanks to our local recyclers!

An example of an organization that offers electronics and computer recycling near you is Ecycle Atlanta. This business is committed to recycling as much e-waste as possible so that it doesn’t wind up in landfill. The more you think about it, the less appealing landfills are as an option. After all, computers aren’t made of organic components. They don’t decompose. So, if you dump them in a landfill, they won’t go anywhere. In fact, those computers will sit be sitting in the dump long after we’re gone. That’s why recycling is king!

Professional E-Waste Disposal Companies

If you don’t want to pick up and remove your unwanted electronics for yourself, you may find yourself dreaming of a company that can do it for you. Well, stop dreaming and face reality. As it turns out, there are businesses that can do exactly what you’re wishing for—like Funky’s Junk Removal! Electronics and computer disposal is easy-peasy for us because we have an entire team of talented junk removal experts. We can haul it away, from computers and printers to fax machines and copy machines. No job is too big, and no job is too small for us.

When you have us remove your electronics for you, you won’t have to worry about the disposal process. We’re already aware of the best donation sites and recyclers in the area, and we’ll visit them immediately after your appointment. However, bear in mind that our services aren’t free. So, if you choose our professional e-waste removal, expect to pay a volume-based price for our assistance. However, this price will always be disclosed to you upfront. There are never hidden fees, either. In other words, professional e-waste removal is more affordable than you might have guessed.